change the volume depending on external noise

Posted in Android by Dimitar Marinov Mon Jul 11 2016 16:33:42 GMT+0000 (UTC)·3·Viewed 688 times

Hello , Is there a way to change the volume of chirp sound depending on external noise?
Mike Smales
July 12, 2016

Hi Dimitar,

Thanks for the question.

The current version of the Chirp Android SDK (v2.0.1) does not automatically adjust it’s volume according to external noise, but we could look at adding this feature in the future.

For the time being, it is possible for a 3rd party developer to implement this feature outside of the SDK. To do so, I would suggesting using the MediaRecorder getMaxAmplitude() method, then programatically adjusting the volume level using the AudioManager setStreamVolume() method.

Dimitar Marinov
July 12, 2016

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the answer.
I have tried , but the problem is coming because of the different devices. Wе could measure the outside noise , but it's not possible to define the needed level for output. Different devices have different loudness. So if I put on 50% of volume on a mobile phone and on a tablet the loudness of the produced sound will be different. For regrets I can't find anywhere an info which gives a loudness range of each device.
So briefly , we could measure the outside noise , but we can't define the needed volume because of the missed info about the device speakers and their loudness .

If you have some ideas, let me know

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