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Posted in API by Ankur Shukla Tue Nov 15 2016 18:43:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 307 times

I created a Chirp using JSON data, and heard it on another device. JSON data was null but identifier was present. Is there any specific way to get the JSON data?
Daniel Jones
Nov 15, 2016

Hi Ankur,

When the SDK hears a chirp, the only data that is immediately available is the chirp's "identifier" (the alphanumeric sequence encoded within the audio).

To retrieve the JSON data associated with a chirp, you must then query the chirp API.

On Android, this can be done with chirpSDK.read (see documentation here). The JSON data is then available in the onReadResponse callback.

On iOS, this is accomplished with [chirp fetchAssociatedDataWithCompletion:] (see documentation here).

Hope that helps.


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