Don't found interface of ultrasonic in new SDKs

Posted in Android by Bingchen JIA Fri Nov 18 2016 08:58:27 GMT+0000 (UTC)·4·Viewed 388 times

I don't found interface of ultrasonic in SDK 2.2.2. How to set ultrasonic protocol
Mike Smales
Nov 18, 2016


Thanks for the question - happy to assist.

The Ultrasound protocol was released in v2.3.0 of the Android SDK. Please download the latest Android SDK from our admin centre here:

Once your SDK has been updated, this page here describes how to set the Chirp Protocol

Let me know if you have any further questions,


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Bingchen JIA
Nov 20, 2016

But I can't see SDK v2.3.0 at download list, v2.2.2 only. :(

Mike Smales
Nov 21, 2016


That SDK is currently on our Beta list.

Please can you email support at and we can make sure you have access to the Beta list.



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