Chirp Connect Overview

Chirp Connect enables your apps to send and receive information using sound. A chirp encodes an array of bytes as an audio signal, which can be transmitted by any device with a speaker and received by any device with a microphone and Chirp Connect SDK. It is designed to be robust over distances of several metres, in noisy, everyday environments.

As the transmission takes place entirely via audio signals, no internet connection or prior pairing is required, and any device within hearing range can receive the data.

Chirps can be generated on-device from a dynamic data payload, or recorded as an audio file for later playback – like a sonic barcode.

Getting Started

To get started building with Chirp Connect, you will need to:

  1. Register for credentials
  2. Download Chirp Connect SDKs
  3. Start building

1. Register for credentials

Sign up for application credentials on the Chirp Admin Centre.

Downloads and SDKs

2. Download SDKs

Download the Chirp Connect SDK for your language of choice in the the Chirp Admin Centre.

SDKs are currently available for iOS, Android, Python (for Raspberry Pi), JavaScript (send only).

Beta SDKs for Windows UWP, macOS, Python (Linux, macOS), and embedded systems including ARM Cortex are available upon request. Please get in touch to request access.

3. Start building

Within each SDK, you will find a example application that demonstrates the SDK’s basic functionality.

To build your own application from scratch, follow the Getting Started guide for your language of choice:

Getting Started: iOS

Getting Started: Android

Getting Started: JavaScript

Getting Started: Windows

Getting Started: Python

Getting Started: Audio API